Patient Stories

It's about alleviating suffering

Comprehensive polling of Massachusetts voters show overwhelming support for medical aid in dying legislation. Click here for polling results!


David Rempell

Weeks before his death, David Rempell of Williamstown, urges Massachusetts lawmakers to pass the End of Life Options Act. David is a founding member of the Massachusetts Death with Dignity. In his words:

"Even though this legislation will not help me, I am too far gone, but hopefully will be able to help many others in the future." 

David died March 25, 2023

Laura Johannes

Laura, a pancreatic cancer patient, urges Massachusetts to pass medical aid in dying two days before her death.

Laura died August 6, 2022

Lee Marshall

Gloucester resident, Lee Marshall, had to leave her home and move to New Mexico in order to have a peaceful death. 

Lee died in March of 2022

Dr. Heidi Henson

"I find it barbaric that we refuse our citizens access to medical aid-in-dying laws that have been in existence since 1997."

Dr. Henson died in July of 2022

Dr. Roger Kligler

"It's definitely the individual who should have autonomy."

Dr. Kligler is a retired Internist living with incurable cancer, and a person living with disability.

Meri Myles

"Without the medical aid in dying option, the only choices that remain to me are to slowly starve to death or to slowly suffocate to death."

Meri died of starvation in October, 2022.

Liz and Bev

Bev, multiple myeloma patient: "How you're remembered by the people who love you is important to people who will be dying soon."

Michael Martignetti

Michael Martignetti, wheelchair-reliant and raised Catholic, is advocating for medical aid in dying in his home state of Massachusetts.

JoAnn Vizziello

A North Shore resident, JoAnn is living with an incurable blood cancer.  She is advocating for medical aid in dying, wanting the option to be available to her when her time comes.